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How Can
Leaves Identify A Tree?
Pin Oak
Norway Maple
Honey Locust
Red Maple
Leaves gather sunlight for the tree.

Water would freeze inside the leaf and cause it to break open. This would kill the tree.

The leaves (needles) are smaller and are covered with a wax like substance.
Leaves vary in shape, size and thickness. Like fingerprints, these differences are used to identify trees by their leaves.
Since some trees will not have leaves in the cold months, these trees needed to collect extra energy during the summer. This energy has been stored inside the tree for future use. The broad leaves help the tree collect more energy than it needs for the day. Needles on evergreen trees are small. These needles collect less energy each day than broad leaves do. Therefore, trees with needles need their leaves all year long.
Leaf Identification Guide - Leaf Identification Guide - Leaf Identification Guide
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